Thursday, June 04, 2009

stalker who? (part 2 of 2)

i know that angelenos are rabid lakers fans. i just didn't realize that the nba finals mania would trigger some ultra-weirdness in some people - i am so tempted to use the word crazy, but i will save that for later :)

in my last post, i was talking about someone who mentioned me on a two-page complaint of work harrassment and work injury. sshhh... i am not too sure if i can even discuss it here. haha - but, of course, i will never mention any names but several people would easily identify who am talking about with nary any clues at all.

so tuesday came. all day i was dreading the moment when i would be called to the conference room to answer the investigator's questions. the day was almost over when the hr person came by my cubicle again but this time she was with an imposing guy. she introduced the guy as mr so-and-so and she told me he was the one assigned to do the investigation. unfortunately, the big guy was ready to call it a day. do big guys easily tire? haha. he said he would come back wednesday to gather my side and those of a few others mentioned in the list - oh that list! i am so tempted to call this post THE LIST!, but then that would take the focus away from the real issue - or is it a non-issue? really!... hmm... lol

wednesday, before lunch, i was summoned to the conference room. i sound like i am in a courtroom when i say i was summoned, but i can't think of another word right now - anyway, that's how i felt.

inside the room, mr big investigator guy was already there along with our hr person. i was re-introduced to mr so-and-so and i immediately noticed that he had with him an audio recorder (i almost excused myself to fish out my own from my bag - no kidding - habit, perhaps) and an industrial-sized camera. as soon as i sat down, i immediatelt asked what was the complaint about. i wanted to know if there was a sexual harrassment case against me or something, and, thankfully, i was told there was none. i was so relieved!

or disappointed - i don't know, hahaha! i spent two days wondering who did i harrass - and funny i made myself believe that i did harrass someone! crazy eh? hahaha - naw, am not gonna go that way. but it's not at work, and i don't even think it was a form of harrassment at all. gotcha! the writer in me made that all up. haha.

so, after the hr person left the room, i asked what then was the case about. i was told that i wasn't the primary person on the complaint (uhhh, that felt great!). i was never told what the entire case was, but apparently, there's this person who thinks that i was stalking him/her. now, that was outrageous. i stopped smiling and was so angry. i don't recall now what i was saying then, but i kept babbling about this and that until mr big guy reminded me that he hasn't started his actual investigation yet so i needed to shut up. (actually, he hasn't set up his voice recorder yet so he wasn't able to record what i said and that's why he had to stop me. haha)

we did the usual stuff. name. address. phone number - at home, cel and at work (why do they need all these???). i was asked how long have i been working at the company. we spent nearly 10 minutes with the cop drama q&a standard. then, finally, we arrived at the case proper. he read the actual complaint. it was very ridiculous! on the actual complaint, it said that this person changed names and yet i was still "tracking" him/her. now, if that is not stupid, i don't know what is.

ladies & gentlemen, i helped this person get the very job he/she has at work. i was the one who emailed him/her (using his/her old email address from 3 years ago - no, he/she didn't change it!!!) and asked him/her if he/she was still looking for work. america is in a recession and i know a lot of people who are struggling to find work.

now, in order to build up his/her complaint against someone, he/she needed to drag me along and accuse me of this outrageous lie!!!

i have known this person for sometime now and this person thinks we think that he/she's, drum roll please... crazy! now, i think this person might just indeed be one. oh wait --- this person is absolutely, undeniably fit to star in that warner bros. sunday cartoon series with bugs bunny et al. but i take that back. that's being mean and i've got no basis - really.

obviously, there could be reasons why this person is doing this. perhaps there is validity in whatever his/her main complaint is, but the stalking thing is as crazy as hilary clinton winning the US presidency.

thankfully, i am now composed and over with my initial outburst. i am back feeling sorry and actually worried that this person might really need help. but whatever, am not emailing him/her again. i will not respond to any of that person's birthday greetings to me again either - ever! just to be safe, you know :)

and today, thursday, i am blogging about it while enjoying white mocha at it's a grind... also, i need to apologise for that headache-inducing play of pronouns :)

special shoutout to tita amie and tita mabe. your advise are very much appreciated. thanks...


Anonymous said...

hmmm, who could this he/she be????

Anonymous said...

whoever that person is is not worth your grain of salt, after all the well intended help, that person (or creature) does this? please avoid or stay away from this non entity mond, please don't waste your energy on 'it' (i feel he/she has downgraded itself to a creature,lol). take care. - entertainment