Sunday, June 28, 2009

whitney is back!

apparently having just basic cable is not always a good thing after all. i found that out tonight and it crushed me… hahaha – not really. but it offered me an idea to blog about…

i so wanted to watch the BET awards show tonight. it airs over at the BET network on cable but, sadly, my basic cable subscription only covers “basic” network channels, almost all of the spanish-language channels (si señor!), food network, national geographic and cnn headline news. but my current favorite cable channel is not on that list. i really don’t understand myself sometimes. i got this weird fascination with the gems channel. it’s a live tv auction of various kinds of jewelry items and everytime i put it on, it always puts me to sleep --- all the time! lol…

anyway, BET awards are usually held to honor the achievements of black entertainers in hollywood during the past year. in some years, the fights between rival rappers take more entertainment news space than the actual awards ceremony itself. tonight, however, is a different matter. everyone behaved and the awards show was transformed into a tribute for the king of pop.

from host jamie foxx, who moonwalked during his opening set, to beyonce’s moving “ave maria” number, the show was staid but celebratory. janet jackson appeared towards the end of the show and issued her very first statement since his beloved brother’s death last thursday.

the night’s biggest surprise though was whitney houston’s appearance. one website enthusiastically ran a news headline and calling it “the voice has returned.” indeed, whitney, now more than ever, needs to clean up her act (she should get some lessons from jacko’s untimely death somehow) and stage a successful and enduring comeback. she is an icon herself and it would also be waste to see her wither away forever… welcome back whitney!

those are some of the stuff i missed in tonight’s BET show (here’s the link for more pictures just because of my cheap cable subscription.

oh well, there’s always youtube and reruns later on. or, maybe, someone tivo’d it and will so kindly make me a copy… will you? thanks!!! :)


Anonymous said...

former superstar nora aunor should learn her lesson too from michael jackson, he, he

Raymond Lo said...

wala nang pag-asa yata yun! lol - entertainment