Thursday, June 04, 2009

stalker who? (part 1)

apparently, i am.

this post has nothing to do with movies at all. this is the everything part - and more... lol.

last night i met with my friends ginny & sammi. we went to guppy tea house (if you'll notice, it's my current favorite, haha) and had a late-night dinner. i had taiwanese minced pork over steamed rice with corn, peas and tofu on the side. guppy doesn't serve soda - that i learned last night, so i had their delicious blend of thai iced tea instead. ginny had a car accident recently and she temporarily parked her wrecked car in my spacious garage (lol, wait till you see what i mean by "garage") over the weekend. yesterday, they had the car towed to a repair shop near artesia. they called me at about 8pm and asked if i wanted to have coffee. i told them i was famished and would rather have full dinner. we agreed to meet at guppy's at 930pm. they came 15 minutes early and i 15 minutes late - hahaha, what else is new.

oh, btw, LA was pounded by an unusual thunderstorm yesterday and summer started wet this year. global-warming, i guess.

so, there we were at guppy's, seated outside, notwithstanding the threat of rain or whatever (let's just say that my friends are big marlboro man fans, that's why), happily talking about everything -- from my skidding citigroup stocks to the also declining united airlines stocks (but am still holding on to my big C, yes tita mabe, i do love my dear old citi). we talked about real estate possibilities in the silver lake area now that the market is depressed, resto ventures and all other money-making stuff (they have the money and i only the "talk" - hahaha).

then the topic veered to what actually happened at work yesterday. now here's the thing, i so seldom get mad but when i do, i get so mentally mad. i am no poppy. remember her from my post two days ago? well, she's one-of-a-kind - and i am but mere mortal who struggles with occasional outbursts too. lol.

here's the story.

monday afternoon, while we were scampering about the office looking for this and that person to sign on various documents before we could fedex it, our hr person, bless her, walked over to my cubicle and quietly asked what time i was leaving that day. since our deadline was at 5 that afternoon, i told her i will probably leave the office earlier than usual, like 7 or 8pm. she told me it was fine but asked if i could drop by her office before i leave work; she needed to ask me (or tell me, i don't know) about something. i nodded but wild thoughts were already running inside my mind. what could she be asking me about? she handles the company's sexual harrassment training classess, could it be related to "that"? i was like, what!?

when i finally saw her, she told me that the company was investigating about a complaint (omg!) and my name was mentioned -- oh goodness, who did i harass??? she told me an investigator would be coming to the office the next day to talk to me...

monday night i rented "happy-go-lucky" on dvd to take my mind off whatever was gonna happen the next day.

will continue in my next post

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