Friday, June 12, 2009

how ben stiller cured my insomnia

all week i struggled to write my review of ben stiller's "night at the museum".

i gave myself a friday deadline to post one. i didn't want the weekend to pass (when i should be writing about something else) without posting my review.

here is my problem: i missed the entire middle of the movie!

the movie starts with ben's character much wealthier than he was at the end of the first movie. he has patented a glow-in-the-dark flashlight and his product's runaway success pushed him away from his museum job.

during one of his scheduled regular visits to the museum, he learned that the place will be renovated and most of the "artifacts" and "model" displays will have to be retired at a federal storage, which happens to be located 5 stories under the famed smithsonian museum in the capital.

go figure how the movie goes after this point. i slept.

"night..." was the last of the four movies we saw last saturday. it could be that the day has finally wore off on me and i dozed or the movie itself lulled me into a sound slumber. i don't know. but if you are suffering from insomnia, i would suggest you catch a last screening of this movie and tell me if it does the same thing to you.

when i woke up, benjamin franklin was already involved in a fray that included the thinker, amelia earhart, napoleon bonaparte, and three cherubs voiced by the jonas brothers, among many others.

go watch the movie. don't wait for me to say that the movie is good or bad. it's good that i had a good one hour sleep while at the same time it was bad because i had to miss the middle part.

now on to other headlines this week...

i was asked why i am not commenting on ms. california's firing. i say, why should i? she's had her fifteen minutes already.

on david carradine's death... i will just pray for his soul. he deserves some respect and speculations on the nature of his passing is making him look bad.

oh, i almost forgot - and this is fresh... i hope tita mabe and mr. tan will forgive me if i give this bit of juicy tidbit some blogtime.

i received ten emails the other day containing lewd pictures of a filipino actress. the pictures were supposedly taken from the camera of a philippine senator's son. clue: take a city of hawaii and make it her first name. the senator's son is so obvious, you don't need to go to vicky belo to ask for a copy of hayden's videos. lol.

i can send copies to anyone who asks for them...

tonight is sharon and kc's concert at the shrine. will post pics immediately after the show.

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