Wednesday, June 17, 2009

freedom for iranians!

my ipod nano (yeah, it's the only apple product that i can afford - lol) ran out of battery and while i was charging it i was forced to use the radio on my sony ericsson w890i mobile and listened to npr radio broadcast.

when i tuned in i caught the last 5 minutes of critic elvis mitchell's interview with todd phelps, the director of this year's first runaway blockbuster hit "the hangover", which, as i correctly predicted, held on to the top of the box office ranking two weeks in a row now, the first to do so since february when tyler perry's "madea goes to jail" topped the box office.

after elvis' segment, the npr 3 oclock news came next.

in the news today was the huge turnout the lakers attracted to their parade and the subsequent rally at the colisuem. an estimated count of 150 thousand people showed up at today's event. and please tell kobe that not everyone who attended today's rally came because of him... somehow, kobe thinks he is the star! - duh... today, he wore a dark-colored championship shirt while the rest of the team wore white - he stood out because of it. well, he's just being kobe i guess... haha...

also in the news was the uprising in iran. i thought it would be the usual news about riots and violent police dispersals. it was actually more disturbing than what i imagined. it was reported that universities are being raided and students organizing the demonstrations against the ruling government are being abducted! what the f@@@! what's happening in iran now is eerily similar to what occured in the philippines in the 70s. it is my hope that iranian people don't have to wait another decade for them to finally get the freedom they so wanted.

and it is my further hope that, should they succeed, they immediately put the perpetrators of these atrocities to a swift trial and cast off to jail for the remaining of their lives. if only the philippines did that...

ahhh, the ifs again...

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