Monday, June 08, 2009

"the hangover" tops box-office

so "the hangover" pulled a late-surge sunday and squeaked past last weekend's #1 movie "up" to take the box office crown this week - i think i predicted that, didn't i? :)

the movie took in $44.9 mil versus "up's" $44.1 mil. expect "the hangover" to hold on to the top spot for at least two more weeks. i wouldn't be surprised if it end its run with more than $200 mil in the bank. a "small" and "star-less" movie, "the hangover" is the year's first sleeper hit and have i told you that it is so f---ing hilarious? oh, i did. sorry... i just can't get over it, and it's been two days since i saw it!

uhm, excuse me mr. producers, i believe i spent most of my monday marketing the movie to everyone at work. when do i collect on my marketing fees? lol...


postscript to last night's tonys...

i tuned in to cbs just a little after 1030pm. i was composing my "up" review at it's a grind until 9pm and i dropped by wal-mart to get myself some essential stuff on my way home. i ran out of my body wash, toothpaste, and "toyo" - hahaha over the weekend, that's why.

it was just perfect timing. i still caught portion of the "hair" production number and the awards for actor, actress and best musical. the three boys who collectively won the best actor trophy for a musical were a wonderful sight. their awkward acceptance speech was very raw and uncharacteristically honest. i don't know.

but the night's most talked about production number was the one that my new york-based friend sally missed. i didn't know that doogie howser can sing! and sing, he did! omg, it was the best (take that, adam lambert! lol) ... and i don't know about you, but i was alone at home yet i was on my feet applauding the guy's pretty brilliant performance. i wonder how it translated ratings-wise :)

i feel bad now not renewing my season membership at the ahmanson.... sigh :(

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Anonymous said...

neil patrick harris did a marvelous job! he's got class, charm and the talent to do what it takes. maybe he should try the oscar's next year? he, he.

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