Sunday, June 07, 2009

the hangover

i am still hungover with "the hangover". is that correct? not sure, but that movie is definitely going to be the number 1 movie next week. that much-coveted word-of-mouth will fuel that movie's --- ooops, break first, lakers won! yay! --- marketing the entire summer. i think it will be the year's biggest comedy. and hooray for bradley cooper - he's finally got it made!

i have never had so much fun in theaters this year than the one i had last saturday. we were supposed to sneak in to "drag me to hell" - but then, we just saw "angels & demons", and i thought that was enough hell for one day - lol.

"the hangover" is intentionally and unapologetically offensive. it is a simple textbook buddy comedy, but the writers (who, i think, will get rewarded with an original screenplay nomination next year from the academy) fashioned a hilarious and insanely funny story about four guys who went to vegas for a weekend bachelor's party only to lose the groom after a wild night.

the movie begins in the present when the groom has been officially considered missing, and it backtracks to two days before when the group just hit vegas. for a comedy, it's got more suspense than "angels & demons" - now, am showing my hate for that movie, and i have to apologise. sorry.

the group arrives in vegas looking out to have some fun. they get the plushiest suite at the caesar's. before they start the night, the group takes the groom to the hotel's rooftop to toast him. and this is the moment where they all lose track of time. they spend most of the movie "looking" for the groom. there are surprise star cameos that provide additional delight.

i am so tempted to detail the entire story here but i strongly urge my readers to go to the nearest theater, buy a ticket and have the biggest laugh you'll ever have in the movies this summer.

what makes this movie more fun is the fact that the actors, save for cooper, are all relatively unknown - yet together, they created one of the most believable group of friends this part of the movies. the groom is portrayed by justin bartha, who is famous for his sidekick part in the "national treasure" movies. the other two actors, ed helms and zach galifianakis have, until now, been mostly relegated as that unknown random guy in movies - but i am afraid, after this movie, they will be as ubiquitous as those "superbad" dudes. awesome!

i wish i could write more about the movie without losing myself and giving you the entire story. i don't wanna do that. i want you to watch it. and if you do, stay for the credits, too!

i will most likely try to catch the movie again next weekend. awesome, awesome, awesome!

i also saw "up" and "night at the museum" this weekend. will post my reviews in the next few days. i also watched "last chance, harvey" on dvd friday night. it's a good, quiet movie. you might like it but am a little hesitant to recommend it.

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rappaport said...

I agree! This is the funniest summer movie since Superbad! Best Vegas movie for sure. - entertainment