Monday, June 15, 2009

patricia javier wins 2nd runner up at mrs. asia-usa!

with so many coinciding events last weekend it was almost a given that i had to miss some of them... but i really feel bad to have missed the mrs. asia-usa pageant held at alex theater in glendale saturday night.

my friend genesis (patricia javier to her fans)was one of the top winners -- congratulations!!!

here's a note she sent me over email today...


Hi Reymond,

How are you? hope your doing ok. by the way I attached a picture from the pageant - you can use it.

I'm happy na naka 2nd runner up ako for Mrs. Asia USA at dalawang major awards (Mrs. Congeniality and People's choice award.)

Okay na sa akin yun kase dahil sa pageant na ito ang dami kong nakilalang ibat ibang natonality at natutunan tungkol sa ibang mga lahi na nandito sa USA.


Mrs Vietnam took the crown.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

your so pretty ms patricia....... congrats

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