Wednesday, June 03, 2009

who are the most powerful people in the planet?

he is unstoppable!

in a list dominated by hollywood bigwigs, filipino prizefighter and current pound-for-pound king of boxing, manny pacquiao, landed on the "world's most powerful list" compiled by the influential forbes magazine.

pacman is #57 on the list and is considered more powerful than teen sensation jonas brothers - lol. but kidding aside, pacman's inclusion is another indication that the pride of general santos city is now a bona fide global celebrity. consider this, president obama is listed only at #48! way to go, pacman.

i wonder how the magazine comes up with their list - you know, what are the criteria considered, that stuff. why? because angelina jolie, the world's prettiest surrogate mom, is on the top of the list while perennial champ oprah is relegated to the #2 slot. what is most interesting is actually seeing the tabloid bait trio of jolie, brad pitt and jennifer aniston taking various slots in the top 10. hmmm. they need to sell copies, too - i guess. hahaha...

i wonder how pacman would react to his inclusion on the list when he is considered almost as equally powerful as tom cruise, but then, tom's inclusion is also surprising - am so mean... but, what i love most about the list is the magazine's recognition of the great meryl streep's power in the industry. yay! go meryl!

but then again, on this annual circulation booster exercise, how does forbes actually define "power"? i haven't read the magazine's full story, so if someone explain to me please. thank you.

and now am ready to have a power dinner with my friends ginny & sammi. am hungry, now that is a powerful urge - lol... stop me! haha

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Anonymous said...

how dare you to be mean to tom cruise? you want a pound for pound fight and argument, lol.

you can push manny p and the rest for their pr but dare not say something about or touch tom cruise, ha, ha.

your regular reader for now, lol - entertainment