Wednesday, June 17, 2009

summer celebrities

it's almost summertime. i only wish the weather gets more "summery" (is that a word?) because i am starting to hate the unseasonably cold temps in the morning.

i tend to be slow getting up and the weather is not helping me at all.

it's been another usual day at work. and nothing really big entertainment news broke out today - if you consider jon & kate celebrities or even that chase crawford guy, then there were some breaking celebrity news indeed.

wait, you say chase crawford who? nope, he's not billy's little brother. am not even sure what he's done in hollywood, but apparently he knows "some" people (wink, wink...) otherwise, how could he become hollywood's hottest summer bachelor and not either of the dueling twilight hunks rob pattinson or taylor lautner? --- wait, hahaha... i forgot, rob patz is already engaged to my friend yvonne so technically he's not a "bachelor" anymore, right? my bad.

i am actually being mean. chase is starring in the upcoming "footloose" remake. he was also in miley cyrus' "hannah montana" movie. i have no other info for you....

and speaking of celebrities, i received in my mail today three new pictures of ivory cunanan.

oh, by the way, ivory is the reigning ms. celebrity chronicle!

for those unfamiliar with her, ivory is a singer and a songwriter. she has been singing since she was 3.

she is currently represented by the M international talent agency in los angeles and has been a member of 2 pop girl groups.

she is currently busy working in the studio with paperboy productions, the outfit best known for their work with the black eyed peas and the pussycat dolls.

ivory most recently performed at the hollywood knights celebrity basketball game which featured celebrities like aaron carter and several stars from the cw and disney networks.

last march, her own original music premiered on 92.5 burbank radio with host mr. r. she opened for european r&b sensation "fundmental" and has appeared on mtv, telemundo, cctv 4 china, gma philippines and knla tv.


Anonymous said...

maganda si ivory

Anonymous said...

she looks exotic. what ethnicity is she?

Anonymous said...

she's filipino-american

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